Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dark to Light


There was a time
When the world was dark
And the seeker could not see
Though his eyes were quite sharp

Although he wished to hear
And myriad of things he heard
Yet what was his desire
Was never to him assured

Walk the path he tried
But astray he continued to feel
For no guide he had to follow
And his heart had yet to heal

But then came the day
When the seeker was at his lowest
When his tears had long ceased
When his path was the darkest

Mercy from the Most Merciful sent
A guide for the straying traveller
A shepherd for the lost sheep
The paths were to be dark no longer

For with him the guide brought light
That brightens the most daunting trail
No more this seeker is afraid
 For he trusts this guide will not let him fail

1 comment:

  1. MasahAllah !
    May Allah keep showering His light Ameen!