Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shukr (Gratefulness)

Today in Tafseer class, my teacher Daamat Barakaatuhum taught the tafseer of Surah Al 'Aadiyaat. One of the main themes of this gratefulness/being thankful which is known as Shukr in 'Arabic.

Shukr is of three kinds:

  1. Shukr Lisaani- This is when we are thankful to Allah Ta'aala with our tongue. What this means is obvious. Instead of constantly complaining of that which we do not have, talk about those things that Allah Ta'aala has given us. Has He not given me fingers to type with? Has He not given you eyes to read with? Has He not given us a fully working brain that we can understand what I have written?
  2. Shukr Qalbi- This is when we are thankful to Allah Ta'alaa with our hearts. What this means is that we should always keep in mind that Allah Ta'aala is the one who blesses us. The means are taken, but Allah Ta'aala is the One who created those means. We must firmly believe that whatever Allah has willed for us to get, we will definitely get it; and that which He has willed that we do not get, we will certainly not get it.
  3. Shukr 'Amali- This is when we are thankful to Allah Ta'aala with our actions. How are we thankful to Allah with actions? This is obvious as well: by following Allah Ta'aala's commands, doing that which He has ordered and abstaining from that which He has deemed Haraam.

We most definitely must at all times make shukr to Allah Ta'aala for all that He has given us. May Allah Ta'aala give us the ability to inculcate within ourselves gratefulness for all we have. Ameen!

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