Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh Grieving Soul

Oh grieving soul, why do you still feel pain
All that you forsook is only for your gain
Pleasure you did feel when engaging therein
But your heart spoke true when it warned you of sin

Oh grieving soul, know this is the devil’s trap
His wish for you to succumb and run the same lap
His calls are always there, inviting to the past
But know the pleasure he promises will never truly last

Oh grieving soul, turn your gaze to the True One
The One who blesses you every day with water, air and sun
Pay no heed to the accursed one, his cunningly spun lie
Allah loves your constant restraint, even your pain filled sigh

Oh grieving soul, let your grief fade with the light
For only now can you say you have gained true sight
Heaven is awaiting you, its occupants eager to say
“At last you have come! How we waited for this day!”

1 comment:

  1. MashaAllah beautiful!

    Each and every word is a msg MashaAllah!