Thursday, June 2, 2011

" A Muslim is Ibnul Waqt "- A quote from Moulana Yunus Patel saheb Daamat Barakaatuhum

"Zikrullah at all times does not mean that the person reads SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah all the time, but, as I explain always in the Zikr majlis, that the person is conscious of Allah Tabaaraka wa Ta’aala’s presence at all times and he fulfills the ahkaam and the law of Allah Tabaaraka wa Ta’aala, whichever is focused on him at that moment in time.

A Muslim is Ibnul-Waqt. Ibnul-Waqt. What does Ibnul-Waqt mean? That whatever is the requirement and the need of that time, then he fulfills that need, or fulfills that hukm. When it is time for salaat, then he makes salaat. When it is the time for recitation of Qur’aan Shareef, then he recites Qur’aan  Shareef. He’s got a kind of time table. When it is time to make khidmat of one’s parents, then he makes khidmat of the parents. When it’s time to fulfill the rights of the wives and the children, then he does that. When it’s time to make Zikrullah, then he makes Zikrullah. When it’s time to help the poor and the needy and the destitute, then he goes and does that. Whatever is the requirement of that time, whatever hukm of Allah Ta’aala is focused on him at that time, then he fulfills that hukm and that order. That is a Muslim. 

So when he has his Zikrullah in his life, then that is what he will be doing. And Muraqaba of mawt, when a person remembers mawt, his death, then he will not be negligent, then will not be ghaafil. He will not be in a dream world."

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