Friday, June 10, 2011

"Yes, I am Here and Listening"

Yesterday at Zikr Majlis, I realized something as I kept listening to the word "Allah" being repeated.

It struck me that if a person keeps calling their friend's name just like that, the friend will become annoyed. If a wife keeps calling her husband, the husband will become angry. Even a mother, most tolerant and loving of people, she too will become irritated sometime or the other if the child will keep calling "Amma, Amma, Amma!"

But Allah is so loving, that every time we call out to Him, "Allah!" He is listening. He will not snub us nor get irritated and angry. He will not ignore us and pretend we are not there. He is the one who is always happy to hear from his slaves. When we call "Allah" He answers us with "Yes, I am here and listening". He wants us to call out to Him. He loves it when His slave calls out to Him, in happiness or grief, in company or solitude.

With these thoughts in my head, Alhamdu Lillah, this time's Zikr Majlis had an even sweeter flavour to it than usual.

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