Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visual Effect

It is interesting the effect that certain words have on the mind, and the visual effect they show. I like to listen to bayaan of Moulana Yunus Patel saheb and poetry of Hazratwala Daamat Barakaatuhum as well as Khwaja Majzoob Rahmatullahi 'Alayh while on Photoshop. It is very odd that I actually pay more attention to the audios while using photoshop than when I am doing nothing. Things actually stay in my mind and I understand them clearly. It is not background noise as it would be with other audios.

About two weeks ago, I made the following while listening to the audio Sukun-e-Dil (which I've linked to one blog post down).

After this, I was listening to the recital of Hazratwala Daamat Barakaatuhum's poetry being recited by different students of a Madressah in South Africa (I think Madressah Zakariyyah). During this time, I made this.

Nothing great from my side, that I am sure of. This is not tawadhu', by the way. Anything I make without listening to something about Allah Ta'aala and His Gradeur does not end up too interesting looking, or has many flaws.


  1. Jazaka Allahu Khairan.

    Although nothing beats a beautiful painting with proper paint :)

    As Hazratwala Daamat Barakaatuhum says, what's the big deal in the dirt. It's the one who's shaped that dirt to become a beautiful vase who is the real talented one. What creation makes is nothing before the Creator's might.

    Fa Bi Ayyi Alaa'i Rabbikuma Tukazibaan?