Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take Out Some Time...

Sometimes something does not appeal to a person. Perhaps due to personal experience, perhaps due to the environment in which the person lives.

However, these factors should not stop a person from taking out some time and thinking over things, perhaps doing some research, and basically be willing to be open minded and  see things through another person's eyes.

In fact, many times this actually helps another person better understand and be tolerant of other people's views. 

Tolerance, by the way, does not mean that you have to compromise in your own views, or you start making halal things haram and vice versa. Where deen is concerned, one must always remain staunch.

Also, always remember, if any time you are finding yourself irritated because someone will not accept your view, know that he/she is probably irritated at you for the same reason. So, once again take out some time to explain things in a nice manner; this will be less stressful for both the one irritated and the one irritating.

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