Sunday, June 12, 2011

I wonder why...

Early this morning, around 1 am, I was awaken from my sleep, either by a big BANG or by the electricity suddenly being cut. Anyways, a car siren went off from the parking lot but I was not concerned because one of the apartment building's resident has a car with a very sensitive alarm.

I would have returned to sleep, however my husband looked out of the window, and to my surprised left the room. I thought after a while that it was our car so I got up and went to look for him. He was looking outside of the other bedroom's window. Since our flat is on the second level we have quite a range of view. 

In the street there was a smashed car. By the time I went to see, there was no one in the car, however my husband told me he saw four people get out, very drunk. They all then sat in another car, well squeezed into another car, and that drove off (which lead us to believe the car that got smashed was stolen). In any case by the time I went to see out the window, the car was empty, however there were some people around it looking through things, and generally making a mess, before running off. The police then came to do their job, and the neighbours told their story.

In the morning it turned out that the car had smashed into one of the walls surrounding my flat's complex badly denting one of the cars under the parking shade as well as affecting the electricity pole that was next to the wall, causing the whole complex to have no light. Alhamdu Lillah my car was all the way on the other side so  it took no damage. However it was upsetting. It made me think of all the campaigns against smoking, all the adds they make that make a person feel queasy...

...Yet more lives are affected (and adversely so) by alcohol. Those speeding drunks were driving so fast that not only their (stolen) car crashed into the wall, breaking part of it down, but the car rebounded until it was in the middle of the street. I wonder why they do not ban alcohol... but I reckon it is no use wondering.

Uthman Radhiya Allahu 'Anhu was indeed right when he said the mother of all sins is alcohol. Alhamdu Lillah Allah Ta'aala in His infinite wisdom made impermissible for Muslims to partake from that filthy drink. May Allah Ta'aala keep His servants well away from anything He has ordered haraam. Ameen.

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