Sunday, March 18, 2012

Without the Order of the Lord

Sukun-e-dil utarta hai falak se ahle-taqwa par
Bidun hukm-e-Khuda sciencedaan phir kayse paajata

Peace of the heart decends from the skies upon the upholders of taqwa
Without the order of the Lord how can a scientist attain it?

This couplet is from Hazrat Hakeem Akhtar saheb's poem Sukun-e-Dil, which I have mentioned more than once on my blog.

The reason this verse came to me today was because my husband had been reading on Albert Einstein. While Einstein's theories are all well accepted and he has all the fame in the world, there was still something lacking in his life. Taqwa. And due to lack of taqwa, he indulged in many things which were obviously wrong.

Others were the same. Though their names were high and they had fame, there was lack of fidelity, lack of honouring fellow man, dishononesty, distrust, etc; they had no peace and neither did the ones who suffered due to them. The reason for this is simple; they believed their abilities were from their own selves, and not from Allah Ta'aala. And when Allah Ta'aala is (na'oozu Billah) taken out of the equation, then a person will do whatever he/she feels is rights, irrespective of the consequences to oneself and/or others.

This is not exclusive to scientists only. A person can be the most respected 'Aalim in the world, he can be the dean of the most prestigious Islamic University. However, if he too lacks taqwa, then there is no way he will attain peace of the heart. Taqwa and peace of the heart are partners; you cannot attain one without the other.

May Allah Ta'aala grant us all taqwa and peace of the heart. Ameen.

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