Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Follow the First Man

Something interesting I heard yesterday in Mufti Ebrahim Salejee's after Asr Majlis, which I thought to repeat in my own words.

Mufti saheb was mentioning that one should always be humble. When one is humble, this brings forth the favour and blessings of Allah Ta'aala. On the other hand, when one becomes arrogant, this displeases Allah Ta'aala.

An example of each would be as follows:

-Iblees the accursed disobeyed Allah Ta'aala. When he was taken to task for this, instead of humbling himself, he became arrogant and further questioned Allah Ta'aala.

-Adam Alayhis Salaam made a mistake of eating from the forbidden tree. He and his wife Hawwa Alayhas Salaam where sent down to the earth for this disobedience to Allah. Instead of becoming arrogant, they humbled themselves and turned to Allah Taa'ala with grief and repentance. Allah Taa'ala accepted this humility from His two slaves and honoured and favoured them.

May Allah Ta'aala give us tawfeeq to follow the first man, our father Adam Alayhis Salaam and instill humility and humbleness within ourselves. Ameen.

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