Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yesterday's after Asr majlis was very inspiring. I thought to share some of the wisdom of Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee saheb.

Unfortunately, nowadays all ibaadat have become a ritual; there is no life when following the diffent ibaadat one does throughout the day. How can we bring life into our actions? By reflecting, contemplating.

Take the example of ghusl (taking bath/shower) on Jumu'ah.

  • When you remove your clothes, imagine that someone is removing the clothes off your dead body.
  • When you wash your body, imagine that someone is washing your dead body.
  • When you wear your clothes, imagine someone is clothing your dead body with a shroud.
  • When you are driving to the masjid, imagine someone is driving your dead body to the masjid for your salaatul-janaza (funeral prayer).

Take also the example of the nature around you, say the sky. How big is the sun, yet how small does it look to us? Look at the night sky. How many stars and galaxies are there for us to look at? How many stars are there that dwarf the sun Allah has chosen as our light and heat source? How big exactly is this universe that Allah has created? If the universe is so huge and awe inspiring, then how great must the Creator be?

When you reflect in such a manner, you realize how small you are and how great Allah Ta'aala is. When such a realization comes forth, then the end result can only be asking Allah Ta'aala for forgiveness and a good end where Allah is pleased with you. 

Thus, as your understanding grows and your emaan becomes stronger and brighter, it will be impossible not to keep away from sins and increase in good deeds.

May Allah Ta'aala give us all tawfeeq, Ameen.

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