Sunday, March 4, 2012

Be Careful- About Knowledge and Curses

A couple of points from today's tafseer by Mufti Ebrahim Salejee saheb

1. Simply having knowledge of Islam is not sufficient for a person's salvation. There were jewish men like Ka'b ibn Ashraf who were learned in their religion, yet that did not avail them when they were under pressure and forsook that which they believed in. 

Along with knowledge, a person must have taqwa and he must supress his nafs until suppresing the nafs becomes second nature. Likewise, a person's relationship with Allah Ta'aala should stop being formal and become natural. 

2. La'nah (ie curse of Allah) is when a person is thrown away from the mercy of Allah Ta'aala. This is the reason why a Muslim should not curse anyone specifically, even a non Muslim. The only persons one is permitted to curse is those whom Allah Ta'aala has cursed. For example
  • Those Allah Ta'aala has cursed in the Qur'aan, like Abu Lahab, the Dhaalimeen (oppresors), the Kaazibeen (the liars) etc
  • Those involved in interest
  • Those involved in alcohol
  • Homosexuals
  • Men who dress like women and women who dress like men
  • Those who tattoo themselves
  • Those who pluck their eyebrows
When a person sends a curse on a specific person, the curse goes up to the heavens. The heavens closes its doors on it, not allowing it through. The curse then returns to the earth; however the earth as well refuses to accept it. The curse then goes to the one who was cursed. If the person is found deserving, then the curse will be upon him. However, if the person is not found deserving, the curse returns to the one who sent it out and afflicts him. Hence, one should be extremely careful in these matters and not take cursing another person lightly.

May Allah Ta'aala grant us all taqwa and keep us away from those actions which bring down His curse.Ameen

Adapted from today's after Fajr Tafseer of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee saheb (3/3/2012)
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