Thursday, March 22, 2012


Munzir bin Zubair (R.A.) once sent a very fine, superior quality cloth as a gift to Hazrath Asma (R.A.), the daughter of Hazrath Abu Bakr (R.A.). She had lost her sight, hence she took the fabric in her hand and felt it carefully. 

Then with disappointment she said: “Return his gift to him.” 

When the cloth was returned to Munzir (R.A.), he was hurt at this. He came to Hazrath Asma (R.A.) and said to her: “O my Mother, the cloth is not transparent! (hence it is fine if you wear it).” 

Hazrath Asma (R.A.) replied: “If it is not transparent, it will still reveal the shape of the body (due to being very thin).” 

 (Hayatus Sahaabiyaat, v.3, pg. 169)

Taken from Al-Haadi Newsletter

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