Monday, May 14, 2012

Ya Rajaa'ee (Oh my Hope) by Meshary Al Arada

شاطيء في يديه كفارة للخطايا وشاطيء في يديه كفارة للخطايا ذهبت يوما إليه بأدمعي وشقايا ورحت ألقي عليه تبتلي وهدايا
I, alongside my tears and my wretchedness
Went to a seaside that had the expiation of my sins, 
And I proceeded to establish myself being cut off from sins 
And to establish my guidance 
([by saying:] Ya Rajaa'ee, Ya Rajaa'ee...)

ذهبت يوما ونفسي جريحة تتعايا وللمعاصي عواء مدمدم في الحنايا كأنه صوت ذئب تغافلته الحشايا أو نوح ثكلى أهاجت لها القبور خفايا أو صرخة ليتيم تلطفته الرزايا حملتها وكأني حملت هول المنايا وجئت ندمان أسجي إلى المتاب خطايا
 I went one day whilst my soul was injured feeling extreme [spiritual] pain 
And my sins were howling so loud that it was dumduming away in the corners [of my soul], 
As if it were a sound of a wolf unnoticed by large slow-moving cattle, 
Or the wailing of a woman whose child died which made the graves speak of their secrets, 
Or the cry of an orphan to which even all other calamities spoke of their consolement [to the orphan]. 
I lifted my soul up as if I had lifted my worst nightmares up, 
And I came to the place of repenting feeling sorry
Pushing my footsteps on, 
 ([and said:] Ya Rajaa'ee, Ya Rajaa'ee...)

رباه عفوك إني للنور مدت يدايا نزعت أسرار قلبي وجئت ألقي أسايا وأشتكي طي صدري يوما سحيق الطعايا به بدأت ولكن لم أدر ما منتهايا لم أدر يأسي فيه ولا عرفت هدايا ولا عرفت ظلامي ولا عرفت ضحايا ولا لغيرك دوى يا رب يوما ندايا
My Lord, I seek Your forgiveness. 
My hands have spread for Your light. 
I have pulled out the secrets of my heart and I have come to show my grief. 
I complain to you of my heart being closed from guidance on a day (i.e. my life) that is full of cruelties. 
I started my day, but I don't know how it shall end. 
I don't know of my hopelessness in this day, 
nor do I know whether I am guided. 
I don't even know my night or my day, 
Nor do I know of any call apart from yours, my Lord, the day I am called [for account]. 
([So my Lord, I can only say:] Ya Rajaa'ee, Ya Rajaa'ee...)

إليك أنت صباحي مصفد في مسايا فاسكن ضياءك إني ظمئان ضل صدايا لم أدر من أي نبع أسقي جنين الركايا شط لان فيه أضفي المغافي حشايا رحماك يا ربي اني وزورقي والخطايا في لجة ليس فيها من الضياء بقايا جفت وغابت ولكن مازلت أسجي رجايا
Oh Lord! My morning is shackled up in my evening [so I have no light]. 
Place your light, as I am thirsty [of guidance], 
My calls for guidance have gone unanswered. 
I don't know from which waterspout [i.e. how] should I give water [i.e. strength] to a newly-found well [i.e. my desire to find guidance]... [tough words couldn't translate them]... 
I ask of your mercy, my Lord. 
I and my small boat, alongside with my sins, are in tidal waves to which no light can reach. 
We have are nearly been turned over and nearly disappeared into the sea of destruction, 
but I still quietly hope of your mercy. 
 ([So my Lord, I can only say:] Ya Rajaa'ee, Ya Rajaa'ee...)
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