Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dunya ke ai Musaafir - Oh Traveller of the World

Dunya ke ai musaafir manzil teri qabr hai
Tey kar raha hai jo tu do din ka yeh safr hai

Oh traveller of the world, your destination is your grave
The passing of this journey is only of two days

Dunya bani hai jab se lakho karoron aaye
Baqi raha na koi, mitti mein sab samaaye
Is baat ko na bhulo, sab ka yahi hashr hai

From when the world came to be, lakhs and crores have come
No one remained, all where confined into the earth
Forget this not; this is the fate of all

Ankhon se tu ne apni kitney janaazay dekhay
Haathon se tu ne apney dafnaaye kitnay murday
Anjaam se tu apney kyoon itna be khabr hai

How many funerals have you seen with your own eyes?
How many bodies have you buried with your own hands?
Why are you so oblivious of your eventual end?

Makhmal peh sonay waley mitti mein so rahe hain
Shaahon, gadaa baraabar, ek saath so rahe hein
Dono huwe baraabar, yahi mawt ka athar hai

Those who slept on velvet are now sleeping upon soil
Kings and beggars are the same, sleeping next to each other
Both have become equal, this is the consequence of death

Ye aali shaan banglay kuch kaam ke naheen hai
Ye unchi, unchi building kuch kaam ki naheen hai
Do guz zameen ka tukra chhota sa tera ghar hai

These magnificent bungalows will be of no use
These high, high buildings will be of no use
Your house is indeed a small two guz piece of land

Mitti ke putlay tujh ko mitti mein hai samaana
Ek din he tu ke ayaa, ek din he tujh ko jana
Rehna naheen hai tujh ko, jaari tera safr hai

Oh puppet of clay! You shall reside in dust
One day you did come, and one day you shall leave
You are not here to stay; your journey is continuous


  1. beautiful!I always wondered whats the translation, jazakallah for sharing:)

  2. assalaamu 'alaykum
    beautiful....keep them coming

  3. subhanALLAH...beutiful post sister