Friday, May 4, 2012

Call Them

Yesterday there was a talk given by Moulana Mohammad Kaleem Siddiqui in Isipingo Beach. The main theme of the talk was giving da'wah.

One thing Moulana saheb mentioned really struck me, which I shall mentioned below.

Nowadays in many houses we have maids who help out with the work, some even help in the raising of children. Many times these workers are non Muslims.

Moulana mentioned that say a wild stray dog entered a person's house and stepped onto burning coals and burnt its paws. How would that person feel seeing that injured creature. He does not even like dogs, yet seeing the pain the poor creature is going through causes him pain and distress.

Now, if that is the case with a dog, then what is wrong with us that we do not feel the same towards the workers who help us our whole lives, some who even raise us since childhood? How heartless are we that we can watch someone walking towards the eternal fire yet do not try to save that person! The least we can do is warn them and call them towards safety.

May Allah give us all the tawfeeq to give da'wah. Ameen.

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