Thursday, May 3, 2012

No Excuse!

There was a time when seeking knowledge meant undertaking year long journeys. There was a time when communicating with a spiritual guide meant travelling and staying with him for as long as the guide wished. There was a time when a woman could seek knowledge only through her husband... so if the husband was not pious, chances were the family would not be as well.

And now there is our time. Technology is booming and all sorts of new paths for seeking have opened. A person no longer needs to travel on months to reach a certain scholar. If he wishes, he may take only a day's long journey and reach the other side of the world. 

But an even more simple way that would not even have the person leaving the house would be to use the internet. Alhamdu Lillah, our time is such that we have many scholars who are accessible via email. Not only that, they have many lectures and books online that we may peruse through and gain insight as to how one may closen oneself to Allah Ta'aalah.

Nowadays, we do not have the excuse of not having a scholar nearby. It is our duty to take hold of the ease Allah Ta'aala has provided in our time and make the most of it. Fitnah is immense now, but so is accessibility to true scholars and correct knowledge.

So do not waste time and be lazy. Afterall, sometimes it is only the simple click of a mouse that will start your path towards Allah.


Below I will put a few links to sites where one may find scholars of truth. For more, check the right side of the blog.

Al-Haadi *
Ask Imam
Darul Fiqh
Mufti Online Australia
Moulana Yunus Patel Rahmatullahi Alayh

*Al-Haadi has a Black Berry pin that one may add to receive their latest programme updates.  
 Pin- 22825527

Also it has been noticed by many that live streaming does not seem to cost any money. I have noticed this myself as I do not have a cent on my phone yet I was able to listen to the live streaming. Alhamdu Lillah for His Blessings.

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