Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tawfeeq of Tawbah- Moulana Yunus Patel Saheb

"This imagination which Allah Ta’aala has given, make use of it correctly. Letters upon letters, haraam fantasizing… haraam fantasizing… cannot give up porn sites, cannot give up this, cannot give up that. Obviously when the person is going to watch all the filth, what else is he going to do for the rest of the day except haraam fantasizing? After watching the filth on the internet, or in magazines, or on cell phones… dirty pictures… then people are coming, ‘Allahu Akbar’, and then they say, ‘We are getting the same pictures in our ruku and our sajdah.’ Imagine making sajdah with the picture of the naked woman in front, or in the heart.

"Make tawbah, make tawbah, Allah Tabaaraka wa Ta’aala is very forgiving, very merciful, and He accepts tawbah. But sometimes the tawfeeq of tawbah is taken away. The person just doesn’t know when the tawfeeq of tawbah can be taken away.

"My Shaykh, Moulana Shah Hakeem Akhtar saheb Damat Barakatuhum mentioned of a person in Karachi. He said they used to always tell him that, ‘Make tawbah, make tawbah from your sins’; he was a person of loose morals… so ‘Make tawbah from sins’, but he never used to pay any kind of heed.  He said, ‘Before death, we’ll see’.

"Then at the time of his death, when he was close to dying, very sick and coming close to his last laps, he could say everything, ‘Call the doctor’, ‘Give me this medication’, ‘Call so and so’, ‘Turn me around’, everything, he could say. But, ‘Oh Allah, forgive me!’ was never coming on his lips. No matter how much they were trying...

"… because he was not yet in the state of sakaraat, he was just coming close to it, otherwise at that time talqeen means that we read ‘La Ilaaha Illa Allah’, we musn’t tell the person, ‘You read, you read’. Some people got the habit at the time, ‘You read, you read’. And if sometimes the person passes away and we didn’t hear the person read kalimah, then too we must not have a bad opinion of the person. Sometimes the person is silent, and he has been going on and on reciting ‘La Ilaaha Illa Allah’, we don’t know...

"...So he could say everything, but tawfeeq of tawbah had been taken away. And, if Allah Ta’aala takes away that tawfeeq of tawbah then death can come in that haraam state. If that tawbah is taken away, if the tawfeeq is taken away (Allah protect us all) then that person can die in that state of zinaa, adultery, fornication, watching the porn sites, engaging in other kinds of haraam. He can be in the disco and he can die; he can be in the cinema and he can die; he can be in the theatre and he can die. The person can be in the dance clue, in the night club, and he can go. We just don’t know…

"Jo aaya hai yahaan aaj kal jayega
Koi dum mein ye dum nikal jayega

'He who has come here today will leave tomorrow
In any moment this breath will be taken away'"

Taken from Zikr Majlis, Thurday 4th November 2010 at Musjid Nur, Asherville.

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