Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Field is Better than Yours! Or is it?

This is something we see a lot nowadays. A person will be involved in tableegh, so now he will shun everyone who is not spreading the word of Allah the same way he is. A person is involved in ta'leem, and he will look down upon those who are having difficulty seeking knowledge. A person is involved in tasawwuf, he will look down upon those who are not sitting in a khanqah.

But this is just silly. All these three branches are interlinked. It's as if the limbs, brain and lungs are competing with each other, each saying it is the most important in the body, while the fact is that each of these organs have their own important role to play in the body.

In any formula you put the three 'T' words makes no difference. Each needs the other to enhance the person, to make the person a complete Muslim.

Who was the greatest Sufi?
Who was the greatest Muballigh?
Who was the greatest 'Aalim?

None other than Rasulullah Salla Allahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam! Then how can we say one is better than the other?

Take the example of a candle.

Tasawwuf is the wick of a candle.
Ta’leem is the wax.
Tableegh is the flame which gives out light.
Without the wax, the wick will not hold.
Without the wick, the candle will not burn.
Without the flame, the candle is of no use.

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