Friday, February 11, 2011

On Tears- Moulana Yunus Patel Saheb

"If any tear comes out with the fazl of Allah Ta'aala, then don't wipe it with a handkerchief; rub it on your face. That portion which is touched with that tear will not go into Jahannam. So then, if Allah Ta'aala will save that face on which the tears rolled, then can He put the rest of the body in Jahannam and save the face? What it means is that Insha Allah, Allah Ta'aala will create the conditions for this person's entry into Jannat by his sincere tawbah, istighfaar, etc. 

"It is like the person who reads a hundred times per day 'La Ilaaha Illa Allah', so then his face will shine like the full moon on the Day of Judgement. So now people say that, 'That person reads "La Ilaaha Illa Allah" but he does a lot of other things that are wrong. So how will he then go into Jannat and how will his face shine?'

"So, we have to understand every hadeeth shareef properly. It means that Allah Ta'aalah will give this person towards his latter life or whenever Allah Ta'aala gives him, tawfeeq and hidaayat, that he will make sincere tawbah from all his sins and he will become worthy of entry, with Allah Ta'aala's fazl, to Jannat. And then before he leaves from here he will become taa'ib, and then he'll go.

"Mera har khataa par rona, yahi hai meri talaafi
Tere rahmaton ka sadqah, mera jurm o 'afw karna

(To cry upon every mistake, that is my only recompense
The charity of your mercy is to forgive my sins)

"Agar che pur khataa hai par kahan jaye tera banda?
Tere dar par Tera banda ba umeed-e-karam aaya"

(Even though he is amassed with sins, where else can Your slave go?
To Your house Your slave has come with hopes of Grace)

After du'aa, taken from Informal Majlis, Sunday 19th February 2010 at Musjid Nur, Asherville.

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