Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Allah, Allah!

Allah, Allah, kaysa Pyara Naam hai!
'Aashiqon ka meena or jaam hai!

Allah Allah, what a Beloved Name!
It is the cup that bears the intoxicating wine of lovers!

These are the words of an 'Aashiq of Allah, Hazrat Moulana Hakeem Akhtar saheb damat barakatuhum.

So beautiful, so true. What other name is easier to call than the name Allah? Just say it yourself, now. Allah. Allah. Allah. So easy, even a newborn infant can say the beautiful name of Allah. Such is the Great One's mercy upon His creation, that even His name is said with such ease and comfort. And, when the lover of Allah repeats this name, even a lowly one such as you and I can hear the sweetness and pleasure they are experiencing! Subhana Allah! May Allah Ta'aala also bless us with such love for Him, Ameen!

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