Monday, May 30, 2011

The Two Fires

There are two paths that one may take.

The first path is the easy one, or so the traveller thinks at first. There are no troubles, only pleasure. He does not feel any pain. He walks forward with ease, taking what he wishes, whichever way he wants, no matter who he hurts.

Yet as he follows his chosen path, it grows narrower and narrower, and hotter and hotter. He continues to fool himself that the path is wide and cool. He refuses to turn away no matter all the slipways he sees. At last he then reaches the end, the wall of fire. And now, try as he might, he cannot turn away. Escape is futile. This fire grabs on to him and does not let go. Incinerated the traveller is, forever gone.

The second path is filled with trials. Hurdles to overcome, blisters on the feet, parched throat; at times it is very cold and at times it is very hot. Yet the traveller learns to adapt to each condition, making the best of his situation. He is thankful when times are good and patient when the times seem dire. And as he continues forward, he looks to the next test without fear; for it is no longer painful, it only makes him stronger.

In the end, he too reaches a wall of fire, but he does not choose to run. Instead, he embraces this fire, allowing himself to be annihilated. For was this not what he was searching for? The fire however is such that it loves the traveller. Once having consumed, it brings him back to life.

For, whilst the first wall of fire was the fire kindled by sins, the second wall of fire was the fire kindled by love of Allah.

And the fire of True Love does not simply kill; it grants the one consumed new life.

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