Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh My Ilaah!

The translation of a beautiful Arabic nasheed by Muhammad al-Husayn.


Once upon a night
I do not know what happened to me
A darkness invaded me
Oh Lord!
The earth narrowed and the sky
And my heart did not recognize the light
And the tears started to flow
Oh my Ilaah (God)

I disobeyed and the sin is great
And I am a prisoner in my own sorrow
I am tied by my own sin
Oh Lord!
So do I deserve, Oh
My Ilaah, the forgiveness as a criminal?
Admitting my own sins
Oh my Ilaah

You are the one who created me
You had mercy on me and provided for me
Always Oh Lord you have been with me
But I am the one who turned my back on You
I forgot what was surely yours
And I travelled on my own path
Oh my Ilaah

Today Oh my Lord I do return
From a darkness beyond the limits
The heart is broken and I am confused
And I am the drowned one so I cannot see
Any savior besides You for me
No safety and no safety except for you!
Oh my Ilaah

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