Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shaheed in Ramadhaan

Subhaan Allah!

We have those who spend time debating the sunnah of the beard...

And then we have those who die to defend the beard!

May Allah ta'aala grant brother Mohammed Fayaaz Kazi Jannatul Firdaws and the reward of Badr for dying to defend a sunnah.

'Moulana Shabbeir Saloojee, the principal of Darul Uloom Zakarriyah, one of South Africa’s leading Islamic seminaries described the death of Fayaaz as that of a shaheed or martyr. “We know that it is very important for us to uphold every sunnat (practice) of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and unfortunately sometimes we meet different challenges in upholding it.”
He added, “Tonight we have the mayyit (funeral) of this shaheed in this blessed month of Ramadan for the sake of the beard of Rasullulah (peace be upon him)…The Noble Quran also tells us with regards to the martyrs that, Bal Ahyah, they are alive in the court of Allah Ta’ala and this this is just a crossing from this world into the next world.” '

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