Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More about Signs

Sometimes the most simple signs of Allah can strike you.

For example, I was awestruck yesterday at how two places on the same earth can be so different in fauna and flora.

Flying over South Africa, you see patches of green; flying over Canada, you see the same patches of green. When you get down though, the greens morph into trees that may have looked the same from above but are completely different from leaves to even the bark of the trunk. Acacias stand almost everywhere trees grow in South Africa, yet you will be hard pressed to find one over in Canada. You can find raccoon almost everywhere in Canada, yet will probably not see a single one in South Africa.

And yet another sign that is as amazing is that no matter how different the climates of these two countries are, you will find them abundant in other creations like pigeons and sparrows, grass and dandelions, to name a few.

It's something to think about. No wonder some guides ask their followers to ponder over nature. There are so many signs of Allah in the tiniest of creations if we only take the time to look and think.

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