Monday, April 18, 2011

The Most Merciful and His Guide

When I was lost in the darkness of falsehood
The Most Merciful save me from destruction
Opened my eyes He did
To a world that was not for me
And to another world
That could be mine
So kind and loving He is
To have chosen me
When there were so many others
He who know all full well knows my flaws
All aware He is that alone I fall
And the path from me will once more be lost
My Creator Most High guides me to the one
His slave best suited to guide my saved soul
To guide me through the mountains and valleys
Through the barren deserts and the stormy seas
To brighten darkened lane
To show me easier routes
To keep me away from hazardous paths


My guide is wise and learned
Many has he led before me
And many shall he lead
As this is his post and pleasure
My guide is kind and patient
His words are always true
“The path may be hard
“But on it you must and can tread”
His words give courage
So follow him I do
Although at times the journey is hard
My legs tire and my heart aches
And no longer can I see my guide
But only to the ground must I look
Where I see the trail he set forth for me
As long as I wish to follow
My guide will patiently lead
As long as I have a yearning
His footsteps are there for me to see

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