Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Caravanserai

One of my favourite nasheed, deep meaning within it Masha Allah. Whether we want to admit it or not... we all need someone's footsteps to follow so that we learn how to love and worship without losing our way. We just have to really yearn and seek with trust in Allah, and we will be found, insha Allah. This I have experienced. Alhamdu Lillah.


Caravanserai by Talib-al-Habib

And so this traveller
Lost and weary wandering far from home
Came at last upon your caravanserai
And where the ocean meet the sea
In grief and anguish he did weep
So long I've wandered and yet still I know not what I seek
And yet reflected in your eyes I see a truth that splits the night
So can you whisper to me
The secret of what worship is

So you said: La ilaha ilallah Allahu Allahu

You cannot worship until you love
You cannot love until you feel
You cannot feel until you understand
You can't understand until you learn
You cannot learn until you have been found
Can't be found until you seek
You will not seek nor find, until you yearn
And you will not yearn till you remember
So remember

La ilaha ilallah Allahu Allahu

The traveller's heart stood and awoke
And borne aloft on wings of hope
There held a deeper mystery glimmering beneath your words
He cast himself before your feet
I know that, that of which you speak
Cannot be found by seeking
But only seekers find it
Yet in the footsteps that you make
I see the path that I must take
So may I follow you and learn the secrets that you keep

You said: Remember and you will yearn
Yearn and you will seek
Seek, seek you will be found
And when you're found then you will learn
When you learn then you will understand
Understand and you will feel
When you feel Him then you will love
And when you love then you will worship
Then you worship

La ilaha ilallah Allahu Allahu

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  1. Today itself i felt the meaning of these words mashaAllah !