Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rabbana, Ya Rabbana!

Here is a beautiful Na'at, which had different version. I'll transliterate in Urdu the one I am familiar with and try to translate it in English, Insha Allah.

Rabbana, ya Rabbana, Rabbana, ya Rabbana!

Woh mahboob-e-Khuda yaaro, rahmat ka daryaa yaro!
Mujh naacheez se kya hogi uski madah-o-thana yaro!

He is the beloved of the Lord oh friends, a river of mercy, oh friends!
How can a humble one like me be able to praise him, oh friends!

Uska hai maddah Khuda, mein aur aap hai kya yaro?
Chaand kai do tukray karna uski aik ada yaro!

The Lord Himself has praised him, who are you and I, oh friends?
Splitting the moon in two is a mere gesture for him, oh friends!

Khaak peh uske qadmon ki kardo jaan fidaa yaro!
Dil mein basa hai pyar uska aur lab peh hai Salli 'Alaa yaro!

I would sacrifice my life for the dust of his feet, oh friends!
In my heart is his love, and upon my lips is Salli 'Alaa, oh friends!

Woh sooraj mein zarrah hoon, yoon hai ta'alluq sa yaro!
Mein uska nacheez ghulam, woh hair mera Aaqa yaro!

Before that sun I am a mere atom, such is our relationship, oh friends!
I am his humble slave and he is my master, oh friends!

Mein hoon faqeer uske dar ka, fakhr ye kam hai kya yaro?
Mein shahoon se kya maangoon, shah bhi hai uske gadaa yaro!

I am a beggar at his door, is this not sufficient to be proud of, oh friends? 
What should I ask from kings, even kings are his slaves, oh friends!

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