Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Good Place for a Lesson

Yesterday night my whole family went to the hospital to visit my grandfather. He was still in the emergency section, but in the observation ward rather than the main emergency. The ward was filled, beds all over with people lying down, some sleeping, some just looking here and there, others eyes open but staring at nothing.

Alhamdu Lillah my dada was sleeping peacefully, pulse and breathing normal. Around me I could hear much sign of other people's discomfort. One person was vomiting and retching very painfully. Another lady right across from us seemed to have wet her bed. The nurses had to come and changed all the sheets. The lady was in much pain and was continuously making sounds of pain. Just next to her was an old man who was lying in a curled position, pulse 57 beats per minute. For a moment his pulse had stopped completely; it came back fast enough, Alhamdu Lillah.

It was then I realized how helpless these poor people were and how they were so dependent on the help of the nurses and doctors. That's when I truly realized two great blessings of Allah. 

1. Health- Only when you see someone who is ill or become ill yourself do you realize what a great bounty health is.

2. Loved Ones- When you are helpless and in need, you really find out who among your friends and family really do care about you. While some people have no one at all, Alhamdu Lillah my grandfather has had someone by his side the whole time he was there.

May Allah Ta'aala keep us all in good health, physically and spiritually. Ameen.


  1. Ameen. And may Allah Ta'aala grant us the loving companionship and care of family and righteous friends - both here and in the hereafter. And may He grant us the companionship of the nabiyyen, siddiqeen, shuhadaa and saliheen. Ameen.

  2. How lucky we indeed are, alhamdulillah...according to the context of the famous hadith-e-shareef ..the one who sees people who are worse off than him/her with respect to duniya and better off than him/her with respect to deen enter the group of shaakireen and saabireen...jazaakAllahu khaira for sharing the humbling experience.