Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What it Really Was/Is

I never really knew what 'tasawwuf' was. I had heard of the word sufi, and I knew the whirling dervishes were not actually them; to me 'sufi' simply meant a really, really pious person.

Less than a few years ago when I came across Shaykh Zulfiqar Daamat Barakaatuhum's lectures, I realized my preconcieved thoughts on 'sufi' were actually right, although how to be really, really pious was not simply dressing up like a Muslim, ie beard, niqab etc. There was so much more than the outward; the inside of a Muslim's heart was a twisted maze that could only be passed with the help of a person who had been taken through and trained through this maze as well.

Moving to the present...

Today I was reading through some threads on a stranger forum when I came across threads about tasawwuf and sufism. Naturally the mouse clicked, letting me through. Unfortunately, it was not the kind of thread I would have rather read. The word sufi was almost like an insult. People who did not have a clue what tasawwuf truly is were busy judging it and ridiculing it.

At first I felt upset, angry and itching to send a flaming reply. Then the anger just turned to sadness, because it was hard to believe that something that brought so many, including myself, peace and happines, and most of all understanding of the way to Allah... how could someone hate such a beautiful thing?

In the end I did not reply. From experience on that very forum I knew it would not help, and a lone voice would not be listened to. Or perhaps I am just a coward and hence complaining on my blog instead. Allah knows best.

I do know two things however.

1. Those of us whom Allah Ta'aala has given correct knowledge of any field/subject, we should be extremely thankful for it as there are many who may think they know a subject but unfortunately do not even know the alif of it.

2. Make du'aa to Allah Ta'aala that those who are misinformed change their hearts and learn sincerely and properly.

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