Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Light

The darkness in which the seeker had dwelled
With the light of the guide, it was truly quelled
And the lantern that has long ago died
No longer was dark, but bright by his side

How fearful the seeker was on that day
When at last the guide had to go away
Distressed he was as his lantern grew dark
Was his life once more to be grim and stark?

To and fro he looked, amongst the darkened lane
Walk forward he did, though his heart still felt pain
And then he saw that which was his next his goal
A light in the distance, a balm for his soul

So stumble he did over roots and grass
And fell into puddles that shone like glass
And at last he reached the light that he saw
With fear and hope he looked up in awe

Behind the petals that flew by with a sigh
Shone a beautiful flame up against the sky
Its warm flickering light, a soothing sight
In the grim darkness of the forlorn night

And then it was that the seeker was to know
That though he had no choice but to go
The guide had made sure that he would not be forsaken
Another light would shine, a path would be taken

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