Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Waves of Pain are not Without Support ~ by Hazrat Hakeem Akhtar saheb

Siwa Tere koi sahara naheen hai
Siwa Tere koi hamara naheen hai

There is no reliance except You
There is no one for me except You

Samandar ka sahil, paharon ka daman
Bajuz "Aah!" ke kuch sahara naheen hai

The shores of the sea, the foothills of the mountains
There is no support except for the sigh "Aah!"*

Naheen khatm hoti hai mojain musalsal
Mere bahr-e-gham ka kinara naheen hai

The continuity of the waves come not to an end
My sea of pain** has no shore

Koi kashti-e-gham ka hai nakhuda bhi
Mere moj-e-gham be sahara naheen hai

Even a ship of pain has a captain
My waves of pain are not without support

Ye Akhtar ussi ka hai jo Aap ka hai
Naheen Aap ka jo hamara naheen hai

Akhtar belongs to he who belongs to You
He does not belong to You who does not belong to me

~Hazrat Moulana Hakeem Akhtar Saheb Daamat Barakaatuhum

*"Aah" symbolizes the sigh of love and longing by the seeker for Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala.

** Pain here is referred to as the pain one feels when one is deeply in love yet separated from the lover.

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