Friday, December 23, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

As I was hanging a wet towel up on the roof of the house, I could hear the khutbah of Mufti Saheb of the local masjid where my father in law goes for salaah. As soon as I just heard the topic, I sat down on the charpai and listened.

A breath of fresh air in a culture driven place. Mufti Saheb was explaining how we Muslim have become nowadays, how we will follow our families wishes and whims in matters that are contrary to Shari'ah, and yet where the Shari'ah commands us to fulfill the rights of our families, we pay no heed.

He also mentioned that how foolish a person must be, that when Allah Himself in all His glory has told us how to follow the path of salvation, we still choose to go opposite to what He commands and follow the path of destruction!

My concluding thought in this entry is that unless we follow Allah's commands, do good and keep from sins, it is fruitless to wonder why we are being faced by trials and tribulations. What else can we expect when we do not follow the Orders of our Creator, Allah!

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